All the Little Things by Sandi Metz

Sandi Metz’s speech at RailsConf 2013, talking about refactoring.

Great JavaScript Interview Questions

Star Wars - I am Your Father - (Multi-Langage) 20 Langues - YouTube

Darth Vader in 20 languages

Internet Traffic During the World Cup 2014

Internet traffic reduced during world cup games!

Microsoft to do its biggest layoffs ever

Microsoft will cut down it’s workforce, firing former Nokia staff… Bad news

21 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks To Help You Cut Down On Food Waste

Cool kitchen hacks

Quando a Estrutura Organizacional é a Causa do Calor

Blog post legal, mas o melhor mesmo são os vídeos.

Save $9, Here Are The TechCrunch Staff’s Email Addresses

Messing up with spammers, techcrunch makes all of its staff email public. Cool.

Google Hiring Practices Interviews - Business Insider

I’ve always had the feeling that these brain teasers were of no use… Interesting that Google is changing its ways.

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist

Not sure if entirely true, but definitely interesting…